Higher Education & Health Authority


The Higher Education and Health Authority is a non-profit financing authority whose purpose is to issue debt to finance construction projects of non-profit institutions including nursing homes, private non-profit colleges and universities and miscellaneous non-profit institutions. The debt is nonrecourse to the Authority and the Authority acts as a conduit to the monies. It is a statewide Authority. There are five members serving for a five-year term.  Members must be a resident of Langhorne Manor Borough.


  • Robert Rickerl (2023) Chair  
    Phone:  215-470-5362
  • Grace Judge (2026) Secretary
  • David Badgley (2022)
  • William McTigue (2024)
  • Josephine Cloak (2025)


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Langhorne Manor Borough

618 Hulmeville Avenue
Langhorne, PA 19047

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