Congratulations to our new Police Chief!

John J. Kenney III has over 20 years as a dedicated police officer.  He is a full-time veteran police officer with Northampton Township Police Department.  Before becoming Chief of Langhorne Manor Borough, he served the Borough as an officer, Sargent and Acting Chief. 

He graduated from the Temple University Police Academy with Act 120 Certification and from Bucks County Community College with an Associate degree in police administration.  John’s professional qualifications include Interview and Interrogation with the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center, Intercounty Detective School with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Interdiction, Interviewing Juveniles, Crime Scene Processing/Collection of Forensic Evidence/Fingerprints/DNA.  He has also received an instructor’s certificate for Nark II Progressive System of Drug Identification.

John’s work ethic, observational skills and demonstrated talents and efforts have earned him recognition in the community, including Life Saving Award (2009 & 2018), Heroism Award (2007) and Police Officer of the Year Award (2007).

John resides in Bucks County with his wife and their rescue animals.

Changing of the Guard

Mayor Bryne presenting shadow box to Chief Bumm while Sargent Kenney looks on.

Changing of the Guard took place on Sunday, December 20th, when Chief Russell Bumm retired after 26 years of service to the Manor.  He was recognized for his service at the December 15th Council meeting.  Mayor Bryne presented the Chief with a shadow box containing the various badges and awards he was given over the years.  State Representative Frank Farry presented and read a citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives recognizing his service. 

Shadow box displaying badges and awards.

Langhorne Manor Borough has its own part-time police department and operates with part-time police officers. Any questions regarding the department may be addressed to Sargent Jack Kenney.  The Mayor of Langhorne Manor Borough has complete oversight of the police department.  Police service for Langhorne Manor Borough is provided 24 hours per day, seven days a week. Part-time coverage of the Borough is provided by our Borough police force. When the Borough police officers are not on duty, coverage of the Borough is provided by the Pennsylvania State Police.

The Police Department is housed in the new addition to the Borough Office building located at 618 Hulmeville Avenue. Entrance to the Police Department is on the side toward the rear of the building. While on duty each officer must wear a badge or shield with Police and Langhorne Manor Borough on it for easy identification by Borough residents.

Important contact information

Emergencies dial 911

Non-emergency and other police matters: (215) 752-5072. Please leave a detailed message.

REMINDER from the Langhorne Manor Police Department

The Police Department is responsible for enforcing violations of PA State Dog Laws and Borough ordinances that prohibit dogs running at large, animal noise control, unlicensed dogs and unvaccinated dogs. Violators will be fined.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, has a web site (http://www.pda.state.pa.us) where you can get additional information regarding Pennsylvania Dog Laws. Information on Borough Ordinances pertaining to animals can be obtained from the Borough office.

All dogs 3 months of age or older are required by Pennsylvania law to have a current dog license. Failure to have your dog licensed may result in a fine of up to $300.  In Bucks County, you can obtain a dog license at PADogLicense.com

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