Frequently Asked Questions

After reviewing our website if you cannot find the information you need, please send a request to the Borough Secretary and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.  And we will post your question and answer on the Frequently Asked Questions page for others to peruse.

What street trees species are approved for the Manor?

See Approved Trees Species bulletin on the Shade Tree Commission page. This article provides extensive information regarding which tree species are approved in the Manor.

Complaints or Questions

If you have a complaint regarding any issue (i.e. snow plowing, trash pickup, permits, etc.) in the Borough, please contact the Borough Secretary at She will be happy to pass along your issue to the appropriate Council person. This procedure aids the Borough Council in addressing any ongoing issues that may develop.

Whom do I contact to dispose of a dead deer?

Call the Southeastern PA regional office of the PA Game Commission at (610) 926.3136 or (610) 926.3137.  Be prepared to provide the street and cross street of where the dead deer is located.

Selling your home?

A checklist is available for guidance in obtaining a Use and Occupancy permit. After reviewing the tip sheet if questions remain contact the Borough Secretary.

Mail-In Ballot Application

Borough Council encourages all residents who are registered to vote to explore your options for voting on May 17 or November 8, 2022, whether in person or by mail.

Complete voter information is available at

Mail-in ballot information is available at

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