Part-time Borough Manager

Langhorne Manor Borough Manager Job Description

Langhorne Manor Borough (LMB) consists of 0.6 square miles and is home to approximately 1,500 residents who live in single-family homes, subdivided properties, apartments, Cairn University dormitories, and the Langhorne Gardens Rehabilitation Center (a non-profit multi-service health management and advocacy organization/facility).  It is a predominately residential municipality with no commercial district.  LMB is seeking the position of a part-time Borough Manager whose specific duties and responsibilities shall be determined by Council.  The Borough Manager is appointed by a 7-member council and assists in the administration of the Borough and is responsible to the President of Borough Council.

Functions and Responsibilities:

The Borough Manager supervises the day-to-day operations of Langhorne Manor Borough and performs the following duties:

  • Supervise the enforcement of Borough laws, codes and ordinances.
  • Carry out policies and directives of Borough Council.
  • Work with Borough budget committee in the development of annual budget.
  • Develop and implement capital improvement programs for Council approval; execute the budget and capital improvement plan upon adoption.
  • Ensure the provisions of all franchises, leases and permits granted by the Borough are met.
  • Review current ordinances for conflicts and outdated information and present alternatives or options to Council.
  • Review and update fee schedules for review and approval by Council.
  • Work closely with Borough Code Inspectors in order to make real-time decisions and ensure adherence to Borough protocols.
  • Work closely with zoning and planning committees to ensure continuity between committees and ensure committee directives are enforced.
  • Assist in the negotiation of contracts and agreement terms with vendors and contractors providing services for Council approval and ensure proper execution of contracted work.
  • Resolve issues with invoices from contracted vendors and contractors.
  • Assist Council to improve the infrastructure of the Borough by evaluating all borough owned green space, rights-of-way, roadways, storm water management systems, utilities, traffic signaling and signage.
  • Develop and submit to Council a monthly Borough Manager’s report. Attend council meetings as required.
  • Assist in developing electronic (paper-free) processes for online applications and issuance of permits and other Borough forms and/or requests.
  • Assist in the development of an effective electronic and paper filing system.
  • Respond to and investigate complaints and concerns and assist in the disposition of complaints and concerns including Right-To-Know requests.
  • Support the Borough in emergency response situations.
  • Research and collect data and information about specific topics as needed and assist Council in accessing grant opportunities.
  • All other duties as assigned. Duties subject to change upon the majority vote of Council.


Candidates must have a working knowledge of local/municipal government.  The candidate will have strong communication, administrative, organizational and financial skills.  The ideal candidate will have a bachelor’s degree with 2 years’ municipal governmental experience. 

Interviews for LMB Borough Manager will be held during the November 10th Council Meeting.

The Application Process for this open position has now closed.

Langhorne Manor Borough

618 Hulmeville Avenue
Langhorne, PA 19047

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